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Customer Service

Our aim is to to provide the very highest levels of service to our customers and to respond quickly when help or assistance with the provision of our services is required.

We provide initial support by email - support AT

If your communication is urgent we may ask you for permission to telephone you so we can expedite a solution however we normally are able to resolve matters by email and within one working day.

Enquiries are dealt with in date order except where the problem is clearly of vital time-dependent urgency. Otherwise you will receive a response within one working day.

Renewing your Domain Name

We will get in touch with you by e-mail at least a month before your domain name is due for renewal, so please keep us informed if your email address changes.
If we don't hear from you in the last few weeks before expiry we will try other means to contact you for instance by telephone or letter. Once the expiry date has passed we may be able to help you recover the domain name - in the case of .UK domain names the process of doing that is detailed here and you may be able to recover your domain name for up to 92 days following expiry but this is not guaranteed by us.

We will, however, help you as far as we can to recover a 'forgotten' renewal up to that time.

If things go wrong - how to make a complaint

If you're not satisfied with our domain name registration services when dealing with us you can make a complaint by email, or in writing.
The email address for complaints is
complaints AT
and the postal address is

Customer Services Manager
ADWEB Limited
15 Reedings Way
Herts CM21 9DX

What you can expect from us

We aim to provide a high standard of customer service in all our dealings with customers. You can expect:

staff to be polite, helpful and professional
our work and services to be provided promptly and in line with our published standards
We try to provide clear and helpful explanations at all times.

When we get your complaint we will:

let you know we have received it (if it was a letter, fax or email)
investigate it
let you know what went wrong and what we are doing to put things right

We will write to you within 5 working days, either with a full reply or to let you know what is happening if we have not finished our investigation.

If we are still unable to resolve your complaint and the matter is to do with domain name registration you can contact Nominet (for .UK names) or follow the procedures for other registries detailed in this page.

Report abuse

All our customers agree to comply with our all the terms and conditions listed on our terms and conditions pages.
We take the enforcement of all terms and conditions seriously, and we investigate all reports of abuse.
If you encounter something you think might constitute abuse (for example, spam or inappropriate content) which you believe has come from our network or systems, contact us
abuse AT

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